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Brightwell rio

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Saw this on the web awhile ago and heard it was a good substrate, but supposedly they stopped making it. The store I work at just got some samples and I was wondering if anyone here had used it and if so how'd you like/dislike it and how does it compare to other substrates?

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Fosters and smith just started selling it.


Says it lowers gh and ph < 7. For plants and shrimp. Also says not to use ugf. This substrate has been sold under various names and has been popular in Europe.

It's made by controsoil and is marketed as Oliver knott soil in Europe.



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Just ordered 15lbs bag of Escuro Fine from Drs. Foster and Smith.


Looks promising to me. will try it out.


I can get ADA Amazonia for $30 9L (~17-18lbs), but shipping is about $14. so Brightwell is about the same price per pound.

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It definitely doesn't leech ammonia like amazonia does.


I added a test crs two weeks later and hes still alive. I'm on the 4th week now?


I also use MK-Breed Z silver powder and Biodigest so maybe that helped?


Brand new canister filter.

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I am going on 2 month's with ada Amazonia still leaching after 7 100% w/c, I am starting to think the old standard is on it's way out and new non leaching substrates combined with speed up additives will take over. I have read some Asian soils + additives 4 hour cycle and shrimp go in. Could we get some water parameters Han?

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