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shrimp and culture

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You know, I was thinking- there's actually many places in the world that would be good places to raise shrimp.  There's a lot of places that the average person is making ess than $5 a day.  With as little space as shrimp take up, can you imagine what a difference shrimp farming would make in the life of someone? 


Heck, even a couple of tanks!


What we take for granted here, could actually help support a family elsewhere!

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it's the infrastructure of those places plus the import law that makes this harder to be done, not saying it can't be done though. Plus with the high value of shrimps, it makes financial sense even doing the operation in richer areas in the world, that's why it's so popular in Europe, Asia (expensive Japan included).


Another thing is the culture.... and that will be a long discussion ;-)

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