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Rack Project


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I am now starting a journal for my 1st rack because why not? :P

I first started to have shrimps in a 2.5g and guess which one i had first? Red Cherries !!! And then i started to sell my bettas and had only shrimps until i reached the point that i had shrimps in 2 2.5g and at a 1 5g. I currently live in europe but im originally from asia so i thought at some point, i might visit my home country for a while but who will do my shrimp tank regime for me? I had none so i was quite worried mostly about w/c since i only have a 2.5g and 5g and i cant possibly leave them without a w/c for at least 2 weeks. So i decided, why not sell my nanos and move them to a bigger tank that why i wont worry much about their waste and they should clear 3 weeks without w/c just fine. I currently have 4 13.5 gallons which 2 of them are already set up and 2 of them needs to be setted up :P

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I was talking water temperature. LOL They'll grow in any light!

I've killed two or three types of moss using a Finnex Fugeray (I think the "color temperature" on that is 7000K) and also with a "cool white" (2300K). So uh, I beg to differ ... Mosses don't *always* grow under every light! Just most kinds.
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