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Hybrid Caridina question


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Over the past 4 years or so, I’ve kept shrimp. About 2 years ago, I ventured into the Caridinas and purchased an assortment of beautiful, high quality shrimp from a bunch of different places online and in Los Angeles where I live. I kept them separated but at some point I got busy and put them all in a tank together rather than taking care of a bunch of tanks.They have bred multiple generations and I let the tank go fairly wild without watching them so now I have no idea what these shrimp hybrids are!


I have had all the Taiwan Bee varieties— BB, Pandas, KK, etc. and some high grade CRS and CBS, a yellow KK, some all white ones (can’t remember the name!) and several spectacular pintos. I HAVE NEVER HAD ANY TIGERS! I’m assuming these yellow tiger-esque shrimp came from the pinto or the ykk (or both!! I thought I saw them mating at one point last year.) I think the only shrimp with spider legs that I’ve had were those gorgeous pintos. The shrimp in the first photo is currently berried and I have no idea who the father is…


What do you think? What combo might these yellow tigery shrimp be? I’m attaching pics of some of the shrimp I have or have had in the past few years in that tank that are possibly part of the genetics. It put some upside down for some reason.











Some of the other shrimp I keep/kept in the same tank:









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