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Soothing Shrimp

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:D :D :DGot your attention? :D :D :D




As others may have read, I've raised Nothobranchius Guentheri Zanzibar from eggs to fry to juvie to nearly full grown and I'd like to give others a chance to breed/raise these for themselves.

I've seen these go from $20 to $60+ a pair.

Here's what the Nothobranchius Guentheri Zanzibar look like:


red/yellow Male


blue/black male (img from net)



Pretty, huh? :)

You can have some FREE! provided you pay for shipping.


Now, here's the string that's attached....

I need you to finish out my non-scientific research. The information gained will be for all future killifish hobbyists.

The fish I am offering are belly sliders. Yes, they scoot along the ground like little 1" plecos.  It is my theory that their fry will be as normal as regular killie fry!  However, proof needs to be provided.

Conventional wisdom says that these killi belly sliders are all doomed.  However, my experience says otherwise.  My theory is that they are born prematurely, therefore their swimbladders don't inflate, and are otherwise normal in every other way...including breeding.  

The obvious difference is the breeding peat may have to be contained in a very small lip.  Perhaps 1/4" to 1/2 high.

I've fed them live bbs from the time the fry hatched out to adult, and that is what they are used to.  I've tried non-live foods, but it hasn't worked well for me.  They mature very very fast- between 5 to 10 weeks or so until adult- and very eager breeders.  For more info, please check my journal http://www.shrimpspot.com/index.php?/topic/652-the-saga-of-n-guentheri/


They were raised in a very small 2.5g tank, so space shouldn't be an issue.  Some males are blue/black, some are red/yellow.  They will throw both colors in their eggs/fry, so color of males will be given at random.  Please don't ask for a certain color.  Also, fish will be paired as male/female according to colors displayed currently.  It is possible that a "female" will display male colors later on, but I doubt it.


All I ask is that you keep a journal here on Shrimp Spot on attempting to breed them and attempting to raise the fry to adults. That's all you have to do.


Priority shipping is around $10, while overnight would be more.  Your choice, your dime. ;)  Naturally, since this is a raok, no DOA guarantee,


If you are interested in a pair to journal and further research for hobbyists, just put your name in the list below.  The more people to attempt this the better as one may have success while another may not.  I believe I only have 4 pairs!


I will draw names Friday afternoon around 4pm.  Good luck!

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No jumpers here, although strangely enough- they do like to perch in moss like underwater birds.  I guess the idea of being off the ground is ingrained in their psyche.


The container doesn't have to be big.  My 2.5g holds 10+ of these fish.  Heck, they could probably make a marina breeder box a home.


Green: These are about as big as adult cherry shrimp.  Roughly a skinny inch.  I'm ignorant of swordtail fry.  These are extremely non aggressive.  Very peaceful. 

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Coolish.  I believe I only have 4 pairs, and my preference would be to send a pair to each person interested.  That way it's safety.  If there's a tragedy, the others may still be okay.  If one pair doesn't breed in someone's conditions, maybe the others will.  And so on...


I'll end up drawing 4 random numbers to give the belly slider pairs to for further research.  So far on the list is:


1. mystikniteite

2. DaBoss 808


Are you in the random drawing Greenteam?

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1. mystikniteite

2. DaBoss 808

3. Greenteam

4. Taylor's Aqua World


I am down, I really like these guys. As you know I am trying a few killifish myself. i will def keep a great journal!

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