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Neo's changing color's


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Last night I tore down my excess plant tank only to find about 50 to 75 neo's that I didn't know I had. This tank original had a couple of blue velvets that I was seeing if they would survive in my water. (Never had much luck with anything other than RCS). While tearing down the tank I found a handful of RCS figure they must have hitched a ride on the trimmings. The odd thing I found was about 30 black shelled neo's. Is this there natural color or some thing I should persue. I had to throw them in my community shrimp tank as the plant tank had to go to make room for the 40 long. Which I'm not sure what it will contain as it's has my homemade substrate and I'm not sure where the water peramiters will settle out. Here is a picture of the shrimp in question. Some are much blacker. da75767b6ef6c829eb8e45e396d2a4f2.jpg

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Actually I fished out one CPD. That must have been an egg when I moved the trimmings. I was realy amazed to see it as only through food in once in a blue moon. My community shrimp tank also contains a large CPD school and the rcs breed true in that tank.

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