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Mixing blue velvet with jelly?


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I currently have what was sold as blue jelly in my community and want to add some blue velvet. If I were to do this, what would happen with offspring? I know they're very similar (and confusing) but not sure if offspring would do well. Would they throw off wild type colors or stay true?

Pic of a male that came out of the stump:


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Heyya guys.  Just got in from rehearsal.  No geneticist here, just a hobbyist with lots of experience with neos. :)


In my opinion blue jelly is derived from BV.  That means if bred together they should breed blue.


Now, having said that, I have to state it depends on where the blue resides in the dna as to whether or not they will throw any wilds.  Sometimes var have different locations although called the same thing.  (Ie.  2 strains called the same because different people worked on them in different ways, but their phenotype was the same- but not genotype.)  My suspicions are that you will be safe though...but no guarantee.

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