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Royal blue x CRS

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I wouldn't think you want to go with that mix. Doesn't blue and Red make brown? Just my opinion, but maybe someone else can chime in here.

I wish it was that easy.  It would make my life as a selective breeding hobbyist sooooo much easier! LOL  IN a nutshell, there is a gene for red, and a gene for blue.  They one or the other and can't be mixed...unless co-genes, but that's a different discussion. ;)

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You guys crack me up :D. LOL! I was referring to when someone takes a blue rili with a red rili, or blue new with red neo. Never crossed my mind that hybrids of different species may not matter.

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Neo hybrid mix yield different results then Cardinia mix. Neos tend to revert back to wild colors while Card spit out varius results which then can be selected out for specific traits.

It be nice if neos would hybrid better then we could try and make some nice mix since they breed so quickly.

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