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Dwarf Cray Tank Mates

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I would think any fish that are fast, they wouldn't be able to catch, especially if you have a planted tank and lots of hiding spots

and caves, and décor in the tank.

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I have kept dwarf crays in a large tank with swords, barbs, tetras, white clouds etc.

It would try to grab the fish but never could catch them as they were too fast.

Keep in mind crayfish can only swim backwards, and crawl forwards, so they are limited to what

they can actually grab a hold off...if its not in front of them its safe.

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My opinion has changed, in the resent days, on the topic of mixing neos with dwarf crays.

I am very new to the care and feeding of invertebrates and find myself researching numerous forums, blogs and retail sites before additions of any chemical or creature. This forum has been an invaluable source of knowledge and an amazing web of personalities with varied opinions. 

To this I wish to add a brief history of the laughs and loss as it pertains to this topic.


My 20 yellow neos, three orange dwarf cray, and 7 male blue moscow guppy roommates have been living and play together like school children. I decided to add some more color to my aquascape by introducing red and blue neos. (primary colors, please don't judge)  The crays where on edge jumping and watching them move around intently and reacting to them as I had not witnessed with the yellows.    


I kept a close count, and the day off, to watch them acclimate.  Any time the shrimp came close to the crays they would try to grab them to no avail, or so I thought…  I began to notice one blue dream with a missing antenna and one with a bit of a tear in its tail.  One red was very slow and looked ready to molt but after an couple hours I found her no longer of this world. 


Out of the corner of my eye I see my large female cray eating what resembled a blue ear of corn. Spinning it with her claws and going at it. I could not believe my eyes as it was the middle part of the shrimp, just the mid section.  Wanting to jump in the tank and stop her I noticed another cray chasing and catching a red shrimp.  I could not get the long tongs quick enough to separate them.  


At the end of the day, and a loss of 7 shrimp, the crays moved out.  Sad story short, all is well and the carnage is over.  


Can Dwarf Orange Crays see COLOR?


Thank you for your consideration,


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I had mixed results with my mini dwarf blue crayfish with my pumpkin shrimps and OEBT's.  In the end it depends greatly on how "smart" the shrimp is as well as their territorial habits. The tanks was a standard 33G with lots of breeding tube and fairly dense amount of driftwood, java fern and cactus wood logs.


The pumpkins were fine, they mainly stayed out of the way of the crayfish but the OEBT's they stood their ground as they like to inhabit the same type of spots as the cray. The end result was a bunch of OEBT's will missing limbs! I never seen a cray kill any of my shrimps directly but once they lose all their limbs it they are pretty defenceless while on the ground with a crayfish trying to defend his/her territory.  In the end I decided move the crayfish to their own tanks. 

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We had a marbled crayfish in a tank with a very large gold dojo loach and five rosy barbs. My husband was feeding them blood worms one day and the two got into a wrestling match. The crayfish attacked the dojo, wrapping all her legs around the loach, bear hug style. It ended about 30 seconds later after the two tussled around the bottom. They actually left imprint tracks in the gravel. We have seen these two resting peacefully together. Even crawling around/over each other. You never know what they will do when defending their territory or competing for food.

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We do feed her daily!  She must REALLY like bloodworms!

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