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Shrimp favorite plants? ... other than mosses ;)

MN Shrimping

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I've been thinking about putting some more very easy to care for plants in my shrimp tanks, but was wondering which plants they seem to like best.  I'm curious as to your experiences with plants in shrimp tanks.


So, the question is:      

      What plants do your shrimp seem to like the best?

                                    (Note: It can be any type of carpet plants, stems, floaters, etc...... that you have personally tried)


  -I'm looking for plants other than mosses, as that's been established as a favorite... certainly in my tanks ;).

  -If your shrimp like specific types of mosses more than others, I'd be interested in hearing about that.



To get things started, I've only really tried mosses & only keep neos.


Fissidens seems to be the favorite

Peacock moss highly used to hide in the different levels.


Willow moss doesn't seem to be popular with mine

They enjoyed hanging from riccia, but it proved to be far more trouble than it was worth (for me).

(I haven't had enough time to come to any conclusions about the new taiwan moss yet)


Looking forward to hearing about your experiences :D

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The blue velvets in my community tank love the anubias, there's always a few grazing on the leaves. They also like climbing the hornwort I have. Just the other night, saw one hanging upside down munching away

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There are a variety of bolbitis species that do well in aquaria and are very easy to care for. They are very non demanding and in my opinion are easier to keep than some mosses.

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My baby shrimp like hiding and grazing in the feathery leaves of my Myriophyllum. Anubias for sure; I only have petite, but they're easy too. And the shrimp also like hanging upside down from the roots of the Salvinia minima floaters. (I just finally got some crypts, so can't speak to them personally yet, but have heard they are fabulous easy-care plants for shrimp tanks)

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Ugh my shrimp avoid subwassertang like the plague!

I have a heavily planted cherry tank with micro sword (I forgot the scientific name, lie-something?) and they love climbing those and hanging out on the tips. And they love nibbling on the bottom leaves of my downoi, so frustrating when newly planted.

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ya just any easy care plants






Amazon Frogbit 
Red Root Floaters 
Ricciocarpus Natans
Hygroryza Aristata
Salvinia Minima
Bolbitis 'Mini'
Bolbitis Heudelotii 
Java Fern
Windelov Java Fern 
Narrow Leaf Java Fern 
Needle Leaf Java Fern 
Philippine Java Fern 
Trident Java Fern 
Thread fern (AKA mini needle leaf fern) 
and depending on your lighting you can grow some neat foreground like
Marsilea Crenata
Hydrocotyle 'Japan' 
Glossostigma Elatinoides (Glosso
Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis 
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