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Trying to figure out the sex of these. .

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Nice wild bees, really like the blue ones in the 1st picture. Where did you get them?

Its hard to tell, but if i HAD to make a call on sex based on the pictures. Id say

pic 1: male on left female on right.

Pic 2: male

pic 3: female

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I think if pushed  I would probably say pic 1 is of 2 females, pic 2 possibly male and pic 3 female altho if they are juvies only time will tell.

Beautiful shrimp - all of them!

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Agreed with Mamashack but I'm not too sure about the one in the second picture, which looks like a juvie. The ones in the first picture seem to be almost breeding size. By the way, are you letting them breed with the (super nice) TB in the same tank?

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Thanks miwu ^^

They are in my tb tank for now until their home is rdy, about one more month. If they happen to cross with the tb, that would be awesome!

But for now I'm going to build up stock on these, then try out some crosses.

I've got a divided 55g with 3 sections, 2 of which are for these shrimp.

Can't keep all my eggs in one basket, ultimately I'll have 4-5 tanks for these.

Going to try crossing all kinds of shrimp once stock is up ;)



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They do sell here. I know a local guy who sells them all the time on aquabid.


They never cross breed or at least mine refused to with tigers or CRS.



Here's a picture of the ones I had. They're tiny next to other shrimp.


I posted and old pic I had of an adult blue bee with a juvie OEBT and adult Cherry to get an idea of their size.



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Nice pics! Yeah I have Blue Bee paracaridina in a tank too.

But these are Super Princess Bee or Princess Bee paracaridina from Vietnam.

Got these from a homey in Malaysia, and I'm pretty sure nobody has these in the usa right now, but I could be wrong if someone has been hoarding them =p.

After Christmas I'm going to try to locate Camouflage and Mustang paracaridina ^_^b

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