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FS: Shrimp!

Soothing Shrimp

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Shipping is to the continental US only.


Chocolate Shrimp- 10 for 39.50 insulated priority shipping included (2.95 ea.)



Imported as Schoko from Germany several years ago.


Blue Velvet- 10 for 49.50 insulated priority shipping included (3.95 ea.)


These are earlier generations of my Sonic line, so have some nice blue showing.


Malawa Shrimp- 10 for 29.50 insulated priority shipping included (1.95 ea)
***The Malawa Shrimp are NOT known to crossbreed with ANY other shrimp!***   These easily outbreed my cherry shrimp.  Often they have tiger stripes, and colors can range from reddish-brown, greyish-black, blue, to greenish-clear. [Please don't ask for specific colors since they all have the same genetics.] Keep in mind, to my knowledge no one has bred a color strain of these yet, so the opportunity is there. 


See my other ad in the market place for 10 BBRR culls for just 29.50 insulated priority shipping included.  (1.95 ea.)


Baby Marmorkrebs (Marble Crayfish)- 2.50 ea. (I also have young adults for a little more.  Just ask.)
(Image above is a young adult taken from the web.)  The only known self cloning crayfish. Neat pet for keeping in a hardscape tank by themselves. When mature these are perfect for producing food for feeding fish/turtles/Axolotls, etc. These are nearing 1/2" in size and can reach 3-5" at maturity. They are opportunistic feeders so will eat flake, pellets, plants, just about anything you decide to feed them. Easy peazy.


I also have a dwarf cajun cray and schufeldti available for FREE.  I need the tanks space, so just ask.  (Still need to pay shipping though.)







Brazillian Pennywort (Hydrocotyle Leucocephala)- 10 nodes for $4.95.  Need more?  Let me know.  I have lots of nodes, but unsure how many packages until I start removing it. ;)  Estimated priority shipping for plant is $6 to continental US only.

Shipping for shrimp/crays is a flat $10 and covers priority insulated box, and breather bags. If you need a heat pack, please let me know. I can ship Mondays and Tuesdays. icon_smile.gif

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temp 79F, gh- haven't checked recently (I'm guessing ~10?), ph 7+, TDS ~500 


My Malawa are tanks, dude.  The more I ignore their params, the better they do.  I also throw the occasional dead fish in there or cray molt.  They are always hungry.  I have so many breeding, I have to feed flake every day or they'll cannibalize.  A 12" Mulberry leaf will be gone the next day.

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