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Can you OD on Bacter AE?

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Algae and nitrates, sounds like good reasons to keep dosages in check. How much do you guys dose when you do it once a week (or once every two weeks). Do you still go by the dosage instructions on the container, if not, how much more do you guys add?

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Wow, how pricey this Bacter AE compared to other supplements.

I really think most of products are commercial not directly beneficial for shrimps. i.e. I give nothing to my Cardinal Shrimps apart from what I offer for my rabbit snails (cucumber, leaves, etc...) and no issue about reproduction or babies' grow up rate. But I am sure I could have fooled people by saying I am using xxxx and yyyy as brand and they are really necessary for breeding cardinals   :D


Don't get me wrong, I am not sayin those are useless but their direct use cannot be measured unless we set up 2 different tanks and use those products for 1 one of the tanks and not using 1 for the other.

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