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Failure or success?

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I have an 11.4 gallon aquarium I have a eheim 2211 filter with a metal screen on the intake. I am getting ads Amazonia. I am going to use rodi water and remineralize it. I will have cholla wood, alder cones, bee balls, and Indian almond leaves. I will also include other supplements I haven't decided on yet. I would like to put some tawain bee shrimp in here and possibly breed them. My question is that is this going to be a tank bound to fail. Or is it possible to have a successful breeding colony of tbs?

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Well, with that setup, it certainly sounds possible, but what is your comfort level and experience with breeding? Have you kept CBS/CRS before? I think that tends to be the most important thing-experience and preparedness. Also, are you willing to invest the kind of money it takes to get into breeding taiwan bees and be prepared to lose it if things don't go well. Of course, you could also go the mischling route as a more affordable option. Just some things to think about.

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I have a setup like what you are talking about for my TB's, and I have quite a few that are berried right now,
and I have a lot of fry in the tank. I use cholla wood, alder cones, bee balls, and Indian almond leaves, Bio-Digest,

Mulberry Leaves, Oak Leaves, stinging needle leaves, etc like you are using.


See my Gallery on my Mr. Aqua 12 Gallon setup. But yes, I think you will succeed with what you want to do.


Use RO Water, 6.4 to 6.8 PH, 0 to 1 KH, 6 GH, 72 degrees temp, 150 TDS, Malaysia Drift wood, and plenty

of places for them to hide out. I also just started using the LowKey Absorption Board. I change my Bio Ball,

Cappa wood, and Bio Digest on the first of each month, and change 15 to 25% of water every two weeks.


I have plants on the right side of the tank, but I don't know if you plan on putting in plants or not.


I wish you Good Luck. I have had to learn some lessons the hard way, but so far, so good on this new

tank setup that I have with a Mr Aqua 12 gallon low iron tank and I made a sliding glass top for it.

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What you have listed seems to be an ideal setup and almost identical to a shrimp tank of mine. If you have kept and successfully bred RCS, I always recommend to people to take babysteps when keeping and breeding shrimp. With that being said since you have kept Neocaridina successfully, I would move more towards the easier Caridina species; CRS/CBS/Tigers. This is because Caridina take different water parameters and can be quite finicky about not only water quality but even food. This is a learning process and for you to make a mistake and wipe a colony of 10 CRS/CBS/Tigers would be much more affordable than Taiwan Bees.


This is just my two sense, I am not trying to deter you from keeping Taiwan Bees as your next step, but more or less trying to guide you down a more successful path as it comes to your abilities to keep and breed all variations/varieties of shrimp.

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If breeding TB has a difficulty of 7 out of 10, I would say regular CRS/CBS is around 5-6. Cherry will be like 4-5... assuming you don't make many mistakes.


Have you noticed many shrimpers have multiple tanks? That's another idea. Try CRS/CBS first, one you see babies everywhere then set up another tank for TB ;-)


If I can give some advices,  remember two things,

1. For Caridina, active substrate + RO remineralized will at least triple your chance to succeed.

2. Do everything you want (proper cycle and planting) to the tank BEFORE you put shrimps in. Once shrimps are in, don't stick your hand in tank.

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