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I got 20 or so ottos from jamesville before. Never seen them, breed before. I do have them but never seen fry. They are in a community tank with GBR rams so they will destroy all that are breeding lol

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As far as I know, they don't breed easily in captivity, which is why most are still wild caught. And as I understand it, because they're mostly wild caught, a good number of Otos don't do very well during the transition to pet store and home aquaria. Which is why people get discouraged when they die within the first month or so. If they make it past the first month, I think they usually do well, but I don't know that they often find the conditions right to breed.

There was an old thread somewhere where someone reported seeing tiny Oto fry, but I don't know how that ever turned out.

ETA: here's the thread http://www.shrimpspot.com/index.php?/topic/422-otocinclus-fry/?p=5296

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Thanks for finding that thread Pika. I have heard ed the same. But i like a challenge.

Let me know how it goes, I like otos have them in most of my tanks.
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