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Need to make sure (Identify me)


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My tank is rescaped from being badly neglected all summer.   I thought it was empty but in the process of rescaping found last hold outs of what I believe are my Malawa Shrimp  (I had a thriving colony before I moved )  


I let them stay in the tank because...,well... why not?   But now that I have added Carbon Rili  I need to make sure that these are indeed malawa and not some gone wild neos that I didn't know I had.  I don't want to ruin my rili.    Today I noticed one of the "malawa" is berried up and before I let her have those babies I need to know Im not letting a bunch of wilds loose in the tank. LOL. 


Here is a picture of the Berried one and one other.   Sorry for the quality.   I left some algae on the walls for the Ottocat and  he happens to be sitting right infront of it .   One of them looks like he has stripes. 


Thanks in advance for the help.


Btw if there are any questions, I do have a fish tank with tons of moss that I could add them to.   



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I did see yesterday on elite Inverts that malawa can have green eggs.   Decisions decisions.    I am leaning toward setting up another tank but hoping to buy a home and move within the next year and who wants to break down multiple tanks?  

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Dang, did a tiny water change last night and today 2 more of the mystery shrimp are berried.  I better get that tank up and running.    


I have mixed feelings. they are so plain and ugly.  Mostly just clear.   I don't really care for them but  on the other hand, I can't just drop them in the fish tank.  It feels like murder lol.   When I had the thriving colony of malawa, I had some really pretty brown and bluish ones but all of these are blah. 


Why cant the carbons and crystals berry up like the Malawa/mystery shrimp?

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My suggestion if you don't like them, is to continue the circle of life by feeding the fish.  Shrimp are prolific and you'll have more than you can count soon, so why waste time, space and money on what are essentially culls to you?  Go ahead and cull them out and focus on the shrimp you like.  :thumbsu:

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Here's a wild cherry shrimp from theshrimpfarm, and a Malawa pic taken by Chris Lukhap:



As you can see, it is extremely difficult to tell when they are wild what type they are even in person.


My female Malawa are smaller than my cherries, and look male all the time, except when carrying eggs.  My personal malawa tend to lean more towards beige brown, but I do have some clearish, bluish, and smokey, as well as tiger stripes or specks of white.


They won't breed with cherries though.


On the downside, wild cherries will readily breed with other neos.

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thanks  Soothing.     I just did an image search  too  and mine look more like this.   http://s805.photobucket.com/user/nick11380/media/IMG_0042.jpg.html   LOL   Maybe Ill take a page from your book and keep  the pregnant moms and the few that have the tiger stripes on them and see if I can make some decent looking mals in that tank.  



OR  I could put one carbon boy and one Mystery girl in the tank and see if they breed.   If they breed  then we know they cant be mals.  

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