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Setting up 12L shrimp tank (again!)


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As some of you may be aware I have had this 12L tank as a bare bottom QT - the shrimp have now been moved to the 19L shrimp tank after over 3 weeks in there with no sign of any fungus or bacterial infection.

So I've stripped it right down and added some inert black small gravel and a moss ball and a small piece of elodea. Hopefully the bacteria have been preserved. There's partially remineralised RO water in there now. Am waiting til I get the new shrimp before deciding what level to finally go for then I won't have too much acclimating to do all being well.

Already there's 0.25 ppm ammonia and this happened with the 19L tank when I first set that one up. I'm convinced it's the gravel for some reason as there's nothing else that could be releasing it. No nitrites and about 0.5 ppm nitrates so some bacterial activity evident. Will retest tomorrow to see if there's any change. Will also challenge the bacteria with some ammonia and see how they respond then keep adding snack doses until the new shrimp are here.

Not going to have much in the tank until the new shrimp have settled in. Maybe a cholla log for them to hide in and munch on.

Here's a picture of the new set-up so far:


Got 2 filters in there so that I can clean one at a time and not disturb too many bacteria.



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Love a nice and simple tank where you'll actually be able to see all the shrimps!

Thanks, miwu that's my intention at least until they settle down a bit.

Started the 19L like that and now it looks like this (lol):


Sorry for the reflections

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