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native cray ID

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Ok so I am at my grandparents house for a week and they live in the country with swamps around the house, and I went and made a diy net and found aton of salvania and my grandpa washed it out is quarintining and will do a dipand ect. But when I was rinsing it out and such, I found a water scorpion, a least killifish, aton of dragonfly larvae, and a 1" cray, and a 1/4" cray baby, the water scorpion stabbed the fish, so the fish and scorpion are gone, and thd dragon larvae I have killed most of, and so I am wondering if I can get a id on the cray? I can't get a pictill tomorrow, but it a light brown, with some slightly darker brown marking that are lines and dots, if any one has any idea what they are I would greatly appreciate it, and it is in florida.

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