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Anyone have a review of this tank?


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Ive been looking for a tank to move that berried Malawa that may not be a malawa to.  I think I have settled on this one.  They have it in stock at my petco and while Id rather  build up my own ten gallon setup,  this will be easier to just pick up and move when i buy a house.  


Has anyone had experience with this one?     The bad part will be not being able to move filter media over to fast track the cycle.  I guess I could drop in the sponge filter from the existing tank and get a new one for the tank I have but Vlad (the vampire shrimp) won't be happy with me stealing his home.



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I guess that is the big question about the plants.      


I prefer to build my own also  Desire but for this tank I am just looking for something I can pick up and move with .  Planning to buy a home in the spring and do not want another tank to break down. 


If I get it I will let you guys know about the lights.   In the little video the lights do seem to brighten the whole tank.   

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