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Brakes snapped while driving today...

Soothing Shrimp

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Had a bit of a hair raising experience today.  My brakes snapped when I started driving my son to school.


I knew I had been having bad brakes for a while, but when I heard that "clack" and all of a sudden I couldn't stop my van with my kids in the back seats...yeah...that was a bit scary.


Managed to turn around, and ran a 4 way stop sign (no brakes) almost sideswiping a car.  Guy was pissed, who could blame him?  It wasn't like I could stop and tell him what was happening...


Managed to slow down enough by driving part way on the road and partway on the grass by the curb enough to make it home.


Oh, by the way, parking brake doesn't work to stop the van when you have no brakes, and you can't turn off the ignition and stop going on a downhill slant.


Everyone is safe now.  Walked the 5yr old twins to school and my 10 yr old son has the day off now since I can't drive him right now. heh


Packages won't make it out until Monday now though. *sigh*

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Wow! Sorry to hear Soothing! Glad everyone is safe and sound, older vehicle?

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Yeah. 2004 something like that. We barely make bills, and most of the time they're late. So repairs and such usually are held off until tax returns. Looks as though we're robbing Peter to pay Paul soon.

im glad to hear im not the only shrimper scraping by.... C'mon lotto!!!!
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