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remineralizer per gal.

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My crystals seem so much happier these past days using the distilled water that I think I am going to continue with it.  


right now I have the fluval remineralizer  and completely do not understand the instructions.      I will be ordering a different brand once I use this up.


What do you all recommend?  (thats not my question)


My question is just this.    How much remineralizer do you all add to a gallon of distilled or RO water  if you are wanting to maintain the GH you have  in your tank.   


My tank is around 5 and I just want to maintain that so all I need to know is how much remin. to add to the gallon jugs Im using?  


Sorry if this question has been asked  a million times.  I can't imagine it hasn't because the instructions on the bottle make no sense to a mere mortal .  heh

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