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Never again


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Well - went against what I have said and bought some fish from a larger distributed. Two of three were not in greatest of shapes - won't make that mistake again. - only buying from you guys or those you refer. Out!

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that is why you always qt fish. i have never really had bad luck when buying from chain stores. heck i bought my columbian tetra from walmart and they not only lived a long life but breed for me and never got an illness. always qt new fish does not matter from who. i dont qt because when i buy new fish they go in their own tank. but if you add to a tank with fish you already have always qt

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Was this like a chain store, online shop, or a lfs? The chains are hit and miss because some staffat one pllace can be a hardcore aquarist, but 50 miles awaytheir can be someine that says you can keep a betta in a unheated, unfiltered, 1/4 gallon vase with nothing in it.

Online shops are good and bad, it depends on the fish and place, the place can be high tech place but the fish could be inbred and very sensitive and get diseases or die in transit.

At a lfs it could be they were a new shipment and they weren't doing well when they got them but you bought before they could quarantine.

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