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Just spoke with a few eBay case reps

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I know there are some eBay sellers here.

Give wanted you some info about shipping live animals and plants.

I've spoke with a few case specialist and guess what?

Our DOA policies on eBay are USELESS. Don't even bother putting them up.

When a case is opened, case goes under eBay's policies and not our DOA policies.

So say a shipment is delayed or customer isn't home for delivery and left at front door, we the sellers are still responsible.

I noticed almost every live animal/plant listing has DOA policies. Too bad they are USELESS. 

Just a heads up for all ya for winter shipments.

You are responsible for getting the live animal/plant arriving safely. Doesn't matter if they selected Priority Mail Express or Standard Mail, you WILL lose the case. Your listing description in eBay's eyes are worthless letters.


Very surprised about this. You guys may call eBay case specialist and ask them if you want.

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I think eBay has new policies regarding shipping live animals now. Live fish must be sent using overnight shipping. If you make a new listing with the options of anything other than overnight shipping, it'll be removed anyway.

Almost every eBay live animal listing ships expedited or slower ;)

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I think you'll slowly see those listings disappear. They weren't catching older listings but they do stop people from making new listings that offer slower shipping options. I was confused at first and I made two listings, which were both taken down. Basically we cannot use USPS anymore for live animals sold on eBay.

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