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i have tried a reosmods one where you pump the bottle.....and then a Joye EGO-C Twist.  i've also tried some other cheaper ones that i can't remember...both were good in different ways, i like the ego because it is more cigarette like, but it either way they don't hold up to the real deal.  the only time i have ever quit smoking for an extended period was quitting cold turkey.  i wish you luck in your vape adventures though!

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I sold TheEcigStop and The Vapor Trail Magazine a few months ago. The new guy is doing a redesign right now, I think.

but it has a ton of information on it. What the new owners are going to do with it, I don't know though.


I have been out sick the past couple of weeks, and still am, so I haven't been online much at all. Hopefully, I will get well

and be back online in a couple more weeks.

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Get well soon bro.

I've been using a kamry Kecia k100+ mechanical mod with an aha t2 genesis atomizer at a .7 ohm coil and 400 ss mech sick with cotton strands wrapped around the part where the coil contacts the metal. Amazing flavor. Would be some amazing clouds to if I could get past the cough when taking a huge Vape.

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