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before I order this light... would you?

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Hey guys..  In another thread I mentioned that I am purchasing a new canopy and lighting for my sisters 55 gallon tank.     Its the standard 55 gal  with fish.    It does have plants.. probably the highest light plants are a couple of swords.


I know NOTHING about LED lighting..    Would this light be bright enough to light the tank and keep those swords alive?  (as of now, she just has those awful hood lights that come with the tank and they have dimmed alot and the swords are still living.


Also, is this a good deal for the lights or can I do better?   http://www.thatpetplace.com/satellite-freshwater-led-plus-strip-light-36in-48in


Thanks for the advice!


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She doesnt have a heavily planted tank but she does have some plants.   I just want to light up her tank because it is so dim it looks AWFUL, but Id like enough light so the plants she has  (sword highest requirment)  wont die. 

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it grows the buces and moss and crypt just fine :)


the tank brackets also flip back so you can flip the fixture :)


I have the same one on my planted tank. Grows plants well.

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