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Tank cracked.


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After a long search for a 55 gallon stand I finally got one today for 20 dollars. Well after bringing it in and leveling it I brought my 40 long in from the garage. Well after letting it sit for 6 hours in the warm house I heard a pop sound come from the tank and low a behold the bottom the tank cracked from one end to the other and right through the sump opening. So now I need to find another tank that will fit on a 55 gallon stand. But not a 55 to tall for my taste. Any suggestions I like the looks of the 33 gallon tanks.

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Well, you handled a cracked tank well XD I don't knwo what tank you should get though.

Well the tank was old it's been setup and broken down a dozen times in the 6 years i have owned it and purchased it used. also this isn't the first time I have had tanks split or crack. Worst one was a 75 that the entire front pain of glass blew out while it was full. Lucky it was in the garage being leak tested.
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I doesn't happen that often normally, but I buy old tanks for pennies on the gallon that are questionable. That's why the get tested in the garage for a few months before they come in the house. Out of all the tanks i have purchases only that 75 catastrophically has failed. A few have needed re sealing. But most need no work and I resell them at a profit.

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