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Lexinverts' freshwater shrimp


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Hello all:


I've been keeping and breeding freshwater shrimp since 2008. Here are some pics out of my one of my Cardinal shrimp tanks. I am running 5 of them right now!






These guys are in a 9 gallon cube in my office. I've had it set up for about a year. I have about 4 generations of shrimp in it. Probably about 75 total right now.

I keep the temperature at 82F, TDS at 180 ppm, KH around 7, and GH around 8, pH stays around 8.5. I use Salty shrimp 8.5 mixed with RO water, and an inert sand substrate.


My 4 other Cardinal tanks are 20 gallon highs (or longs), with identical parameters.





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Welcome Lexinvert,


Those are some awesome Cardinals!!! 

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