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Newbie friendly other than Neos


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I'm keeping Pumpkins and am wanting a companion shrimp so to speak but I am still new to this and am not able to do anything other than tap water etc. in my tanks my pH is 8.2 and hardness at 10. I am looking at Indian Tigers, Baubalti or Malawa shrimp. Which would be best for my parameters and experience level?

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Yes, they seem ideal. And I was reading on an aquabid listing that they are less shy and more active. Which I would love to see and I kinda like the wild looking shrimp too. Not many places have them for sale, are they not as popular in the US because they aren't so fancy colored?

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Do the Malawas like all the same leaves etc? I have been using oak, guava and banana (I have these in my yard) I have yet to try almond leaves, but am hoping to try those soon.

Since I already have orange shrimp I'm kind kinda wanting something really different. And for that money I could splurge on some kind of blue ones! The Blue Diamonds seem like a lot of fun since you get lots of different colors. How do you not end up with all the colors, seriously its hard to choose!

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