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RAOK floater


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Christmas is around corner.

I appreciate shrimpspot forum for sharing knowledge, idea, information.

I have raok floater.

Frogbit,hornwort,salvinia minima,red root floater,java moss,willow moss to give away.

Can make mix of 5 orders?

This is first time for everything to me.


Im thinking that Ziplock in bubble wrap envelope to send them.

So first 5 people. Receive them

After first 5 people.

....sorry wait next time......

Yes, this is first time for me to ship plants. So no money asking.

Happy holiday for everyone!

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Mine arrived! Sadly the floaters didn't make it they were rotting, but the mosses were fine. I'm sorry you went through all that trouble. But the mosses are very healthy! The one was labeled Java but its much thicker than the kind I have and kinda branchy. Very pretty. And the flame moss is nice and squiggly. Should I put pics here? Or start a new thread?

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same, even though the floaters were dead the moss was in perfect condition. USPS sucks, I'm in Miami and probably could have driven to the OP in less than an hour; but USPS took an entire week. That scent takes hours to scrub off you hands :).

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Well 15 days later I got the package. My wife texted, "something arrived in the mailbox it's wet and stinks. I left it for you to deal with"

The post office sealed it in plastic with this sticker on it. 370da5b2efba1791484fcb016cd6f339.jpg

The mosses were looking great, the rest was green vomit. Gave mosses a rinse and threw them in. How's that as a testimony to hardiness?

Evil guppy - you are very generous to mail these out. For me it was a great Xmas gift...truly in the spirit of ROAK. Hope you can get a laugh out of it all.

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