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Hello from California!


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This forum is kinda nerdy, and I like it. ;)


Hey everyone! My name is Chris, and I'm new to higher-end shrimp keeping. I started out with cherries and painted fire reds in a 10-gallon planted tank, and they bred like mad. However, I ended up getting the best-looking ones from my 10-gallon grow-out tank, which had bits and pieces of random plants I threw in from trimmings. Bare bottom, no-maintenance, water change two or three times a year, topped off with water from my 10-gallon planted tank and 65-gallon planted community tank, with no heater, and a second-hand Penguin HOB filter. And still they thrived. I heard shrimp like stability, and I guess this proved it!


Anyway, I plopped the really red ones into my 65 gallon planted community tank, and lo and behold they took off! That is, before adding in my Dicrossus filamentosus. I learned the hard way what happens when pretty dwarf cichlids meet pretty edible shrimp. Well, I managed to save a few of my PFRs, and started a new 20-gallon long Iwagumi-style tank. Trying my hand with OEBTs, and this forum has proven invaluable. Thank you all for the helpful posts and insightful advice.You guys are awesome :) Glad to be a part of it now, and Happy Shrimping!

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Yeah, I think maybe scientific nerdy may fit some of us.  Thank heavens - because without them, many of us would not know how to raise these lovely creatures.  Welcome - another Californian!

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