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splotched carbons


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Hello people of shrimpspot,aasas a lot of u know the only shrimp I have kept is ghost shrimp, I have bred them and everything, but out of the generosity of country boy I will be gettimg some splotched carbons :) they will go in my 2.5g I willtake the ghosts out, any one have pics and such of them :)

Thananks again country boy and soothing shrimp :)

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They are very pretty.  Each one is slightly different, and soon you may find you have a favorite or two from the population.


Provided they breed well for you my suggestion is to use this awesome gift to try your selective breeding you've been wanting so much to do .  Any babies that are bred that don't fit in with your program, sell here at the forum as a way to get some money back to upgrade your shrimp equipment/food/etc.


If you do it correctly, you should earn enough to offset cost for new shrimp supplies for yourself- thus helping you out with your money problem for your aquarium too.  So you see, Countryboy is very generously giving you a gift that will not only help you now, but help you in the future as well. ;)


Think of it as your first venture into business.  I would have loved to have had this lesson as a kid!


I Love our members here!

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Yup, I am hoping to get a rack when I move to do some selective breeding, but for now I am going to use the 2.5g and a breeder box in my 10g to selective, I will sell on here and at my lfs :)

Thanks again country boy for the shrimp.

Thanks soothing dfor the plants.

And ryeguy for thinking about sending shrimp(I would be werry if they werent in breather bags) but the thought counts.

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yup this is one or two forum I have seen people like this, the other one I was banned because of personal opinions that I posted because someone asked me to post.

Oh I will, I am trying to get my friend into aquariums but his parents wont let him get a tank, so we came up with this.

Its a 2litre paludarium with marsh pennywort, green carpet moss, DHG, java moss, and a bunch of stuff that we found growing in the moss(weeds basicaly)



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