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Successfull Parameters For Breeding Taiwan Bee Shrimp


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For those of you who are keeping Taiwan Bees and having success in breeding them I thought it would be a good idea if you could share your parameters here with others to help them become successful in breeding TB’s as well. Mind you this is just as reference since there are many things in the shrimp tank that affect parameters such as soils, plants, ferts, co2, etc…. My tank is heavily planted and I use Amazonia as substrate. I do not use ferts or co2 in this tank. I use 1:1 ratio of tap and RO water rematerialized with Mosura mineral plus. My TB breed all throughout the year. (Knock on wood) However, I find my mischling in the tank become berried more often (faster) than the TB.  


Here is a comparison of my parameter changes. Although there is a bit of fluctuations in my paramters the shrimp are still breeding.


April 2014                                    Today

TDS- 145                                  TDS- 155                          

GH- 5                                         GH- 6

KH- 0                                         KH- 0

NO3- 0                                       NO3- 0

PH-5.8-6.0                                  PH- 6.0

Temp- 72                                   Temp- 72

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My TB tank have almost the exact same parameters as your "April 2014".


TDS- 140-150

GH- 5/6

KH- 0

PH- 6.0-6.2

Temp- 70-72


I honestly never check NO3 unless I feel there is an escalating problem. Great idea on thread!

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From my best TB breeding tank,


last checked was about 6 months ago,

TDS- 140

GH- 5

KH- ~0

PH- 6.0-6.2

Temp- 72-75


And NO3, as checked about 3 months ago, was 60, I haven't done any water change since then.





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