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Anyone have pictures of the newest types of shrimps on the Market?


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Hey Monty703,


Currently the newest out are the tigers that was just recently discovered in China. Green Jade,Super Red Tiger, Aura blue tiger ,Super Princess bee, and  MK Breed Red Ghost are all pretty new. Most of these pictures are from from sources except for the green jade.


Green Jade:



Super Red TIger



Super Hornet:



Spotted Galaxy Tiger:



Super Tiger:



Azure Tiger:



Mk Breed Red Ghost:


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wow I like the super red tigers and the super hornet one.  Does the Aura Blue tiger actually have tiger stripes?  It looks mostly blue to me.  I know the Red tigers originated in China...Ive had those before, but these look like

the inside is red too....wonder if its something they are eating that's causing the body to be more reddish.


Mine were mostly clear with just red bands....cool looking shrimps.

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