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I miss having fish.


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I sold my planted community and rehomed most of the fish, lost the rest the next day (suspecting something in water supply or accident with family members cleaning nearby). I wound up euthanizing my old female betta later that week as she was doing horribly.

Now I just have a planted 5.5 gallon with just a few ramshorns (can't decide if it should be a betta tank or a shrimp tank) and a tub of marmokrebs. No fish. And I'll be pretty much living at work next month, so it would be horribly irresponsible to get more fish now.

But I still miss feeding my betta, giving my idiotic guppies dirty looks, and poking around the tanks.

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I have 3 bettas and a first shrimp tank. I do adore my bettas, they are like dog/fish in their personalities :) I had a 20 gallon community tank that I was so excited about and it was nothing but a constant headache. I wanted to branch out from my bettas and won't be doing it with fish again. 


I got home from a rough day today, went and said 'hi' to the bettas (and the cat) and then ended up sitting in front of the snowball tank watching them in their little world. Before I knew it I was smiling and 20 mins were gone.


So.. I'm sticking to a couple of bettas and ... already planning my next shrimp tank :)


But it's you and up to you so good luck either way!

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Thanks everyone. It's been such a weird month for me. I really want to get back into shrimp, but I'm just afraid that my ill luck with invertebrates will be their doom.

Well, I have a lot of time to daydream about tanks before I'll be able to get anything up and running, so I suppose committing to anything now would be silly anyway.

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