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Blue neos - truth or myth?u


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So I have one lonely blue velvet shrimp that I want to get some more of (eventually).


In looking around on the internet, ebay, aqua-bid I am seeing a few different 'blue neos' and I am not sure if they are really different or if the lighting is just enhanced to up the price with a slight name change. I just want to be informed and not get taken.. so I came to the experts :)

(ignore the prices, I was just going for the pictures, lol)


 "Blue Velvet" which seem a softer, lighter blue




Then there is the "Dream Blue velvet" - costs more, seems a darker blue, but the lighting is darker too




Then found these "new sky blue" on aqua-bid - definitely out of my price range but...are they all truly different types of neos or is it a word/price game?


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Good to know on both! :)  I have not bought any fish/shrimp on ebay but I did get my snowballs on aquabid (not from that guy). I am just in the 'checking it out' stage and I keep finding these different 'blue neos' and wondering if they really are different or if they are gimicks to get my money :) lol


I'm sticking to the easy neos for awhile but my lonely blue does need some friends lol

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great place to post when you are lookign for shrimp. many of the top US breeders are in there or somebody can point you in the right direction.

And I am not sure if I should thank you or not for this... (said with a grin) I've been on there reading since you posted it... lol  LOVE IT and thanks :)


[edited to add] there is even a discussion on there about 'blue neos' and people hyping up the name to up the prices...

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The first link is to one of my auctions on ebay. It really caught me off guard when i clicked on that link and a picture of my own shrimp popped up! haha. I have never had a bad experience on ebay buying shrimp. Although you can find better deals from fellow hobbyist on this site. If you have any questions or decide you want to buy please feel free to pm me.

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yea i have been keeping these for a few years now and have just decided to sell them all and make room for more Taiwan bees. I have watched them progress towards darker and darker blue vars since i first bought mine. Before the blue velvets all i ever saw was the blue pearl. Now they are pretty much gone like the sky blue velvets will be soon.

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