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Cobalt Blue Dreams


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These two decided to strike a pose for me. The rest are tiny and hard to see on the black sand. The hubs has been poking fun at me about how I am going to have so few shrimp in my tanks. He is such a sweet heart. Hopefully more will hang out where I can see them tomorrow.



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The new light for this tank finally arrived, I caught some shrimpy action. The very tiny ones seem to be more of a darker blue, the larger ones that came are lighter and have black spots, mostly a big spot on the head, nose and end of the tail. The glamour shots I've seen the Blue dreams don't have these marks. I'm not unhappy about it but am curious if this has to do with the genetics they carry.



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Oh yes they are my pretty babies. I never thought I would be able to tell them apart in any way. I got another photo and they really are all blue. The spots are just super dark blue. Here's my two big mamas. I can see eggs inside both. But no actual berrying yet. (Is that even a word...)


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Well Big Mamma Jamma has gone on to the next life. I found her dead but no signs of anything bad, I guess old age. Everything in the tank params was normal. She was the more translucent one in the photo above. Spot is still around.=(

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