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OMG - my very first baby shrimp - hands out cigars!

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I'm so excited it's a bit embarrassing! lol :D :D :D


I was making a little video of the shrimp in their 'dance craze' after a slight water change. I saw a tiny spec darting around. When I realized what it was I almost dropped my camera.


I have only had the shrimp for about 3 weeks. I had noticed 'saddled' females but never a berried one.


I already found this 'guy/girl' right in the mix in the food tray and, with a magnifying glass, watched it eating the crumbs that the bigger ones were kicking around.


Do I need to do anything special? I am seriously glad no one can see how excited I am right now. lol



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Congratulations! Its always such a good feeling to see shrimplets. Even now after berried after berried shrimp, you still get excited!

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SO excited for you!  I have berried mamas but no babies yet...it is so exciting. 

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I can still see the 'one and only baby' and I am completely baffled as to where he/she came from.


1. I have plenty of saddle females but have never found a berried one yet (only had them about 3 weeks)


2. I haven't seen any other babies - although they are sooo tiny


Any thoughts about this mysterious baby?

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