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how to safely heat a 2.6 gallon for neo

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I am setting up the 2.6 gallon tank and I am worried about heating issues.


At night, with the light off, the temp is currently dropping to about 68 degrees.  With the light on, it will go up to the needed 73ish.


I've read neos do best in the low to mid 70s (longevity and breeding).


Most of the tiny tank heaters come either preset or are constantly on and the preset is usually in the upper 70s to 80.


Is the night time dip dangerous? Unhealthy?


How to people with the tiny tanks keep the temp safe? 

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Definitely pricey but I have been searching and searching for an adjustable one for such a small tank so THANK YOU!!! Amazon has them on sale now for cheaper than ebay even. :)


Most mini heaters are either 'always on' or preset too high.

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Yeah I spent a lot of time searching for a small heater and only the cobalt fit the bill. After reading the reviews I decided to pull the trigger and could not be more pleased. I have three cobalt heaters now, two 50w and a 25w excellent quality. Funny thing is in amazon the 50w heaters are cheaper than the 25w.

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so true. With all of the 'nano tanks' out there you would think there would be a slew of nano filters and heaters hitting the market but that doesn't seem to be the case. 


Well, minus that heater and weeping moss I ordered, the 2.6 is all set up and shrimps are out of their tiny emergency housing. :)


I found an awesome lava rock and piece of wood at my lfs. It consumes a lot of space, but I am loving the look.


I had to sit and 'shrimp proof' the filter that came with it (THANK YOU CHRISTINE WHEREVER YOU ARE!!!) I watched her youtube and used that as a guide. Hopefully any future babies won't get sucked in now. :)

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