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Best algae eater...?


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Hey guys-  Since i know all of us have shrimp which fish would you recommend for hair algae and algae in general.  i have a 12g long that i set up recently and some of the moss i moved in is already growing some unruly green hair.  any and all suggestions welcome!  i saw the topic about the bristle nose plecos and they look really cool, but would they do the job?  i am more concerned with the hair algae since i have snails and shrimp to do some of the work too.


Thanks y'all

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This one spot has some and it's random on some other patches too. I pulled some out already as well. It might go away since I have been running my light since I started the cycle. Maybe just getting to a normal light schedule will cause it to die out. Maybe I'll worry about the fish later or dose with some excel before I move anyone in.

Does excel kill green hair algae as well? It worked when I had bba

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Ottos are awesome, don't eat hair like ss said, but I hear amano shrimp sometimes eat hair, also if the moss is a common moss and is cheap then throw it out, trust me I tried to keep some plants with bba on them, took months of doing full tank scrubs and heavy vacuming, and a lot of money wasted to cure it.

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set the lighting whith a break of 3 hours. 


a program like 8 hours a day like follows:


4 hours on (as an example from 10 to 14 )

3 hours break (turn light off) (from 14 to 17)

4 hours on again ( from 17 to 21)


i written an example, put it as you like during the day so that you enjoy the tank when you are there and can see it. Do not let the light to long time on, that is when such algae begin to grow. the plant usually have not problems if you turn the light off in midday, in the rainforest you might know that it does rain a lot at the noon, so the plant know that thing. the algae here, doesnt know the trick as it comes from other parts of the world, and will not be able to live/propagate in such conditions.


of course some ottos would help grat longterm, but the problem for this specific algae exists because of light settings (photoperiods)


also the real/true siamese algae eater ( SAE ), with the black bar going through the caudal fin, would be the most apropiate for this algae.


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there really is no fish that will eat hair algae. yes a true flying fox will eat some as a baby as long as it has no access to other foods. once it does it will stop eating the algae. and they get mean as hell when they get older. so you would have to rehome it pretty fast. the best thing you can do imo is put a few drops of peroxide on it with a dropper or syringe and spot treat.

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Oh and just a quick suggestion, the SAEs eat moss

i am really happy getting in this forum, as i see i also have to learn some detailes... i always kept sae and mosses separately, i really didnt know thatone, that sae and mosses do not work good togethr longterm...


thank you for helping me to learn.

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Ya SAE baby's are OK after that's there fat pigs and will eat certain plants and especially move mosses.

Otto's are safest bet in a shrimps tanks but don't eat much algae.

Your other is nerite snails.

But nothing I know eats green hair algae/string algae.

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