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FT Marble crayfish

Soothing Shrimp

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Marble crayfish aka Marmorkrebs are self cloning craysfish that are mainly used for feeding the cray fry to fish to get them into breeding condition.


They make interesting pets, and can also turn blue by being fed spirulina.


Looking to trade for shrimp.  Just about any shrimp.  Hit me up with an offer.  I have adults and babies.  PM me. :)

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haha, if u want when it warms up I can catch more and ship u some, I would love to work with you on the selective thing, but I can't until it warms up, also I want stuff with Christmas and stuff to settle down and such, also I can't get any crays, they would either eat my stuff or my kuhlis would hurt them while molting, if they get scare they dart really fast and I've heard stuff about them killing crays from it, but yeah I could get u some in a couple months.

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