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New shrimper in the OC (SoCal)


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Hello everyone, I just got into this wonderful hobby, and have 5 tanks cycling right now for shrimp. I've had a high tech planted tank up for almost 2 years, and after going to an lfs, got the bug to keep and breed dwarf shrimp! (Lady at the lfs didn't want to sell me a big female because she said she wanted it to lay eggs, after that conversation I thought to myself, why can't I have some lay eggs for me?) I've had a yellow neo berried and eggs hatched successfully in my planted tank, and as soon as my ada60p is completely cycled (pretty much cycled still testing to make sure temps and ph stay stable), I want to put a good amount of mischlings in. Anyone that can refer a good vendor to me would be appreciated!

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Hi Eric, yes I also test the Tds and ph, I'm using Ro/di water remineralized with salty shrimp gh booster. The substrate is 2/3rds Africana aqua soil and 1/3 Amazonia, so the ph will be around 6. All 5 tanks have a good amount of aqua soil, but the problem is, I was thinking about going with btoe in the future and know that low ph isn't ideal for them, but already put in the aquasoil and substrate additives in all 5 tanks, so I don't want to replace substrate that will buffer to 7, what would the best course of action be? Just use high kh tap water and hope the ph stays high? I think it'll still buffer to 6.5 with tap water tho...

P.s. I go by SigmaMLK on tpt, and copied your 3 4gal cube setups with ugf :) they have been cycling for about two weeks now, but my ada 60p has been cycling for almost 7 weeks now

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Congrats MLK! Welcome to the forum, and sounds like you are off to a good start already.

Can't wait to see your future in the Shrimp world!

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