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Is there a shrimp per gallon maximum?

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I was wondering if there is a shrimp per tank gallon max in general.


I know that visually there would be a limit, but was wondering if there were some sort of standard like 10 shrimp per gallon or something?


I am wondering, specifically, the max load for my little 2.6 cube. Not worried now as there are only 4 in there, but if I got more yellows, how many would be too much for the size tank?


(edited to add) I know not to put the max allowed in as the first stock, just trying to get an idea

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I have heard a general rule of 10 per gallon.  Personally I have a 2 gallon with 40-60 started with 6 in october.  I also have a 1.75g with around 40-50.  Started with 5 in august.  From What I heard other people have had 100-200 in small tanks under 5 gallons.  The most important thing is that the population increases on its own naturally to those levels giving you bacteria time to grown with the colony.  At those high stocking levels they obviously require feeding more regularly. In my 2 gallon I feed every other day.

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