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A tank for shirmps..


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Hey Guys!!


I wanted to make a tank for shrimps and small fish (that won't eat most shrimp). So I re-made the existing Nano with some driftwood and plants I already had.


Tank size is 1' cube, lights are 18W PLL. Substrate is ADA Amazonia.

Plants: Added: Hygrophilia Pinnatifida, Hygrophilia Quadrivalvis, Rotala Sp., Dwarf Saggitaria, Echinodorous Tenellus, Echinodorous Sp Medium Size (forgot the actual name), Anubias (nana and petite), Dwarf Java fern, Oak Fern, Cryptocoryne wendtii and parva. 

          Planning to add: S. Repens,More Java Ferns, some MC for the foreground and Some more stems directly behind the Anubias bunch.

Planned fauna: CRS and Boraras Species. Maybe a single otocinclus (would it be ok for a 1' Cube?). That's it.

Initial setup:



Later, changed the placement of the wood with Anubias:



After flooding:

Need to add HOB filter today. Once the plants root themselves well, will add another power head for extra flow. I would cycle the tank for about two weeks now..




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