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Starting with shrimps and need some advice :)

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Hey guys,

I'm about to set up aquarium for shrimps and already got something to choose from. My friend's father is real "shrimp geek" but unfortunately we're not able to get in touch together.

Some pictures are attached and I will need some help with recognition of the species and suitability.

I have couple of fish for about half a year but since I got them as a present and found out that it isn't the thing I would like to take care of, I'm giving them away and will rather have shrimps :)

Tank is already planted (some basic green and lot of Java moss), light, stone gravel (small black stones) and filter (filter I'll change to sponge one since I read that shrimps like them the most and aren't that dangerous (since the shrimps can be sucked in through the filtration hole))

My question therefore is whether you guys think my tank is suitable for those little creatures once I'll get my fish away :)

All the best,



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Jacob. :)


Welcome to the forum.  Looks like you have come cherries and carbons, no?  Nice rabbit snails as well.


As far as the hob, you can contact H4N.  Han makes a stainless steel filter guard that is great to fit over the pipe and will not even suck in baby shrimp.  Look in the market section and you'll see his handmade SS filters.


What soil are you using, and what is your TDS and gh out of curiosity?

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TDS is total dissolved solids and that can be figured out by using a cheap TDS digital pen found on Ebay.  GH is a test for general hardness usually measuring magnesium and calcium, and that is a liquid chemical test which you can also find on Ebay.  Some pet stores carry these tests, but not many.


Shrimp are awesome to keep and I think you'll like it a lot, however they are more sensitive than fish and can require more tests to get started (or troubleshoot if something goes wrong.) ;)

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