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Biofilm supplements


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I've been using Mk Breed Z powder in conjunction with MK Breed gold powder for tank setup / biofilm supplement. It turns the entire tank green with algae that shrimps graze on. My guess is the Z powder is a version of the old sea mud / nitrifying bacteria mixture while the gold powder functions similarly with banter AE.


Working out pretty well for me so far, but the real test is when I have high baby survival rate and not have problems with the tank when population explodes. 

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I use to use a mixture of old sea mud with bt-9

But now I obviously just use MK breed z silver for a substrate additive and the powder powder after would. Like Kubism.

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I have used, old sea mud, lowkeys speed sand, bt-9 and bio plus. They work pretty good, the  MK breed line seems to be more affective at cycling and bio film development from what I've seen.

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