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My Blue Nebula guppy line


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It has been a long time in the making, something like between 3 to 4 years but they are pretty. A fellow guppy breeder friend of mine had baby sat them for me while i was moving and looking for a rental. Now that i finally have a place i will be getting a tank for them really soon and cant wait. I will get new pics once they get here and are happy but untill then here is my line of guppies....Just cause you asked soothing lol  "pay not attention to the date on the pics i had just replaced the batteries and not reset it lol"







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LMAO!  Welcome to my world/frustration.


For example, I was the first to come out with DBV, and then suddenly everyone was selling DBV- most of which were not from my strain.  I just sell them as BV now due to my sourness on that.


It's happened before, it will happen again.

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