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GH.KH.TDS...oh my


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tank: 26 drops

tap: 20 drops



tank: 7 drops

tap: 9 drops



473 / 17.9 = 26 ????


what does that mean?

to hard?


that tank is community with cherries.


i set up another tank...getting blue pearls next week.

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You could mix, but with that much gh, you don't know what else is in it.  Plus tap seems to be seasonal.  What may be one reading before, may be a different reading now, etc.  Then you would have to figure out ratios each time, yadda yadda yadda. heh


In short, you have neos.  You may luck out and get them to survive, and even perhaps breed.  However molting may be problematic, so you would lose babies and the occasional adult and so on.  Essentially what happens is if the gh is too high, the molt becomes so thick that they slowly become "stone" and unable to molt properly.


RO doesn't cost that much for a 10g tank  (some people start by buying gallons at the local store and refill), and a jar of Salty Shrimp gh+ or another product will last you years with only 1 or 2 tanks.


You can also get a cheap digital TDS pen that will tell you what your TDS is.  I buy mine for less than $5 off Ebay  http://www.ebay.com/itm/TDS-Meter-Digital-LCD-Tester-Water-Quality-Filter-Purity-Pen-Stick-0-9999-PPM-AP-/261729448598?pt=US_Garden_Tools&hash=item3cf04a7296 , others like some more expensive ones.

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