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MK from MK Breed is coming to the USA!!!!!

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Hey guys,


First off have to apologize to those people that were waiting for a response to their questions but due us being the host for January 2015 Scape meet we have been quite busy.


Also another reason why we are swamped is because the MK from MK Breed is coming to our meet to give a presentation and hold a Q/A!!!! This will be the first time a breeder from Taiwan is coming to the USA and he will be bringing some high grade shrimps for auction!! If anyone is interested on coming to the meet please sign up at the link below. I think a Scape account is required, but not exactly sure.


This is a perfect time to ask any questions you guys might have in person but if you cannot make it please post the questions you might want to ask on this post. We are thinking of recording his mini presentation and Q/A but still planning!



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Hi James,


The Link I posted should give you a good idea of what's going to happen at the Meet but we are still planning a few stuff there might be more updates in the future.




Blue Crown

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Ive been to many a SCAPE meetings I can give you a run down of a typical meeting.


12-1 is when most people show up, catch up with old friends you havent seen. SCAPE is a very friendly group. Also usually food starts to show up.

1-2 if there is a guest speaker/presenter/etc this is their time to shine, also the items for the auction tables starts to build up and people start getting an idea of what they want to bid on. SCAPE meets are 80% plants, 9% fish, 7%shrimp and 4% hardware. (plus or minus on any given month)

2-5 auction happens. its standard style with 1 item at a time and a single auctioneer, everybody there has equal opportunity to bid. highest bidder wins.

a % of the price goes back to the club, this is decided by the items seller. can be from 0-100%.

once the auction ends everybody pays for their items and says their goodbyes.

often there is raffles for things mixed in.

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