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My first ever shrimp tank


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Gravel: fluorite

Ph 7.5

A/n/n is all 0ppm

Filter: sponge filter

Light is just a regularly lamp for now until I get a daylight

Gh/kh is unsure since I am waiting for ss gh+ for my Ro water

Tds is 518 just for now until I use Ro water

Using some ial and cholla wood in the tank

I am keeping orange rili but still don't know if I should try crs or royal blue tiger I will probably decide in the future since I am afraid of the ph being to high for ph them I just keep royal blue tiger



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I would lower your sponge filter, that filter has and extendable tube section, I would extend it as far as it will go then move the whole unit below the surface. I have mine so that the top elbow where the bubbles come out is just about a half inch below the surface. It stays nice and quiet but gives it a nice way of breaking the surface tension of the water.

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Okay I try to get the tank 100% percent ro water as best as possible since it a lot of work since my tank is just planted and the rooted is not stable yet and I did gh again it is 15 and for some reason my tds is keeping rising it is 315 now do anyone know why it rising so much

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