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Can't believe I did this


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That one little carbon that is white in the middle has been sitting in a tupperware bowl for over 2 weeks being treated with paragard then doused in puddles tea.


I couldnt leave him in the tupperware bowl anymore...  and I couldnt bare to kill him.   


I went out today and bought him his very own tank.    I am my own worst enemy.   


I have to wonder though.. This shrimp has lived for months with this white middle... he is active, and brightly colored .    I am really questioning  1.  how these bacterial infections work....   they seem to be able to live with them for a long time while all the shrimp around them die,  and 2.  Is this even a bacterial infection.  

Anyway... Here is his new tank.    An entire big tank for just one lil tiny shrimp. 


and Oops.. I used tap water and dropped him in but forgot the prime.   doh.


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:) I had that same tank for a betta and I couldn't help but smile cuz I would have done the same thing. Mine did die eventually but he was kicking strong until the end.


I can't remember, but have you tried kanaplex at all? I have also heard that there is a 'treatment plan' with flourish excel but can't remember the details. I bought some kanaplex just in case (knock on wood) I ever encounter that horrible situation again.


He is a lucky little shrimp and maybe he's just hanging on to get better and beat all the odds :)

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Hey, it will be easier for you to take care of him in there, fewer water changes.

You're not alone. I went to a pet supply store looking for rat food and came home with an edematous betta. Some of us just can't help it.

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Looks like a pinecone. People call it dropsy but it is a sign, not a disease. So I do not know what is causing it.

He is able to position himself vertically now instead of lying on his side all day. I think it might be time to try feeding some garlic soaked bloodworm.

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